BC Interior ST Chironomid Fly Pack 96

From: $245.99

==> Save per fly + optional discounted flybox! <==

The BC Interior ST Chironomid Pupa Power Pack 96 is our clear water lakes go to, and/or any time the bows are being picky and wanting their cronies looking as natural as possible! This kit covers the full range of colour options including Black (Black N Silver/Black N Red/Black N Silver Red Butt), Brown & Olive (BORaC Red & Copper/Goldie Lox), Gray (BDC Black & Red)/Double Double), and our extremely popular Olive Red Butt Screaming Viking, each in their commonly found sizes from #14 – #18 2X! Regardless of what chironomid is hatching off at the time there is something in this kit that you will be able to use to catch fish! As with all of our flies the BC Interior ST Chironomid Power Pack 96 is made up of the exact same quality proven patterns, tied with the exact same materials and in the exact same manner (including a full body coating of KRAZY glue!) that we tie and use ourselves! And as an added bonus you can get them get them all neatly organized in a  Slimline Easy Grip fly box at 25% OFF!  Quantities limited so so get em while you can! 🙂

* if this fly kit is out of stock you can purchase individual chironomid flies here😉 

Get em all in nicely organized in a Slimline EZ Grip fly box at 25% off when purchased with this kit! ;)